So Alfresco Interior Design

Decorating and furnishing your home is by no means easy. Doing this job on a second home can be especially trying from afar where time constraints compress shopping trips into week-long visits or weekends. And that doesn’t account for the delivery snafus.  We know that, by experience. It can be a stressful job. For sure you can take a week to fly down, rent a car and start driving around looking for stores. Or you end up driving around looking for those ‘hard to find’ road-side huts, but that means carrying around a large amount of cash. That’s where So|Alfresco helps you out. We can do the entire job for you.

When thinking on the meaning of “home” it is the idea of belonging somewhere not only in physical terms, but also the feeling of being comfortable, the moment of perceiving and enjoying the small things that inspire you and bring you peace.  A true home should be comfortable, soothing, calm and peaceful. While the pieces that bring these types of feelings about differ from one person to another, the focus is that the ultimate goal for a home is to bring comfort within its sphere for those living there.


Some people associate the word “homely” with less-than-positive aesthetic appeal.   When used in conjunction with a residence or one’s surroundings, homely means “simple but cozy and comfortable”. When we get right down to it, it is this very description that is the focus point for many of us. And it is this very description that is the goal for many people when we get right down to it.

Instead of just buying “things” and hoping for a good outcome, you can really enhance your coastal home by getting the So|Alfresco team to help you to pull it all together in a way that delivers a truly feel-good, comfy and beautiful interior. We are able to turn your signature residence into your very own coastal home. Unlike a residence a real home should be much broader, deeper, and more personal.

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