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Urban vs Al fresco

The more we’re an urban population, the more important the connection between our man-made world and the natural world becomes. Important here is getting a respite from civilization, wifi and emails. For this reason people need and want their outdoor spaces to be as comfortable and usable as their indoor spaces.

We are passionate for extending indoor living to outdoor spaces. In Las Terrenas, nature occurs in the drama of green, jungle-draped mountainsides, the sensuous curve of a perfect powder-white beach or the sight of a mother whale and her calf frolicking in deep ocean waters.  Every one of our projects matches the environment both practically as aesthetically.


Las Terrenas in Samana is a wonderful place for living outside pretty much all-year round. All weather factors, from sunshine hours to air and water temperature, are amazingly constant with an average temperature of about 26°C (79°F) for most of the year.  Creating living spaces that turn your nature deficit into a nature surplus is SO|ALFRESCO’s main focus when designing coastal signature residences in Las Terrenas.


This IN/OUT approach has become our trademark. Every garden or terrace is unique, so it is important that going outdoors feels like coming home too. Living the good life outside, that’s the essence of SO|ALFRESCO’s coastal signature residences.

SO|ALFRESCO are the go to designers for those who want understated luxury to their outdoor space that enables them the same comfortable living experience as indoors. SO|ALFRESCO are masters in blending the inside and the outside, creating one unique space that gives way to endless views, providing a unique sensation of continuity.

What an interior designer does inside, we also accomplish outside. Besides landscaping this also means the mixing and matching of furniture, textiles and accessories in a way to create a genuine living room feel in the outdoor space.

(Y) Our Ideal Home

Designing a coastal home in the Caribbean is not the same as on the continent like northern America or Europe. It is similar and totally different simultaneously.  Similar in that a designer wants to capture the true spirit of the place, and different in that in the Caribbean luxury is all about tranquility, nature and relaxation.  So Alfresco creates ambientes of barefoot luxury living. Our team aims to capture the essence of a coastal Caribbean lifestyle in a manner we think a discerning and sophisticated clientele would expect… a timeless and elegant dream getaway. All of So Alfresco’s residences are small gems where you can submerge in a unique magical and sensual experience.

Intimate Connection

All the coastal signature residences created by SO|ALFRESCO have this very special and intimate connection between the indoor- and outdoor living spaces.

Sophisticated & Exiting

Our ideal home is a flowing, consistent and seamless exchange between indoors and outdoors.  Sophisticated and exciting, where the shapes, materials, colors and architecture of space blend and mix in an attractive way.

Cosi & Inviting

The vision — of cosy and inviting outdoor living rooms furnished with the same attention to looks and luxurious comfort as those inside the home — has changed the way we live outdoors

IMMOMEXX is the exclusive listing agent for the coastal Signature Residences by SO|ALFRESCO.

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