We’re So Alfresco and originally from the Netherlands; that is the Eindhoven area. Our background is in real estate development. Focussing on distinctive residential projects that range from luxury high-quality villas to public and affordable housing developments.

about us

Our premises in Las Terrenas are in the white cruise ships downtown As seen on the image on the left.

The address there is:

Calle Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó,

Puerto Plaza, Edificio Barco,

Pueblo De Los Pescadores,

*Entrance on West side, between the two cruise ships

The images you see here are made in our premises in “Strijp-S” Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Europe. Those who think of industrial heritage, think of Strijp-S. Previously, it was known as 'the forbidden city', as it was only accessible to Philips employees. Nowadays, the old factories are transformed into cool shops and good food spots as well as luxurious lofts and creative workplaces. Perhaps there our obsession with light comes from there...

Due to the fact that my brother Tony is living and working, as the founder of Immomexx real estate, for over fifteen years in Las Terrenas, we came here since 2007. Before it became cool and van der Heijden calls it a “paradise.” “It’s incredibly lush, very green, and it’s close to Los Haitises which I think are overlooked in terms of beauty,”

We choose great locations around Las Terrenas to create exceptional living experiences

So Alfresco was born from the poor supply but growing demand of modern, coastal and international architecture in the Dominican Republic. Meaning properties that meet the improving up-to-date standards of aesthetic appeal, layout, overall quality, finish of materials and installations.  This seems kind off strange in a market like today. But really, finding this style of house isn’t all that easy.


Van der Heijden has no desire to compete with nature in such an environment. “We are not that font of colors,” he says. “We like to use material that has color in its own like stone, wood or stucco. Materials we typically associate with lighter shades.” Bert says he did learn through time that many really enjoy the comforts of traditional living spaces, but essentially want a contemporary vernacular. The real challenge is to create living spaces that avoid the soullessness that’s often associated with much of modern residential architecture.

Our  vision -of outdoor living- furnished with the same attention to looks and luxurious comfort as inside, changes the way we live outdoors, enabling people to enjoy more of life’s precious moments together under the open sky.

SO ALFRESCO is a quality brand of distinct custom signature villas built to Northern European standards in Las Terrenas. It is a one-stop Dutch-owned development company that stands out by prioritising quality and client satisfaction throughout. It built its reputation on innovative design, quality of construction, transparency and the ability to deliver on time. “We are an innovative company working to professional standards, and always aim not just to meet but surpass our clients’ expectations,” says founder Bert van der Heijden.

The design philosophy of so|alfresco is the key to exceptional architectural creations and, thanks to the flush transition between indoors and outdoors, an unbounded spatial experience.


Meet The Team

Bert is the founder of So Alfresco and his career was inspired by a desire to combat the lack of functional lofts in today’s market; to create housing-solutions that are both functional and beautiful. His appreciation for simplicity, space and light is no doubt a hallmark of true Dutch design. Bert has an innate sense of pure, timeless forms which he manages to translate flawlessly into home and garden designs with robust yet elegant lines and a contemporary look. Notable in all Berts designs are the honest materials, subdued colours and a high level of comfort. During his career he developed a keen eye and great understanding of structure and function through this building process. Berts work practice innovatively combined functionality and durability, with a love for natural materials and signature details.  Bert was born in the Netherlands and is an avid sportsman and ran marathons, both in Europe and USA, all under 4 hours. Whereunder the one in NYC. He also practises CrossFit and yoga.

Jeannette van Dijk is a highly valued designer at So Alfresco. Having gained practical experience in building and design throughout her life she acquired a keen eye for form, elegance and colors.  Through her love for cooking Jeannette is able to translate the So Alfresco lifestyle into a design, making her a highly valued internal and external discussion partner. She likes getting people excited about the things she’s excited about. That’s anything and everything around creating living experiences with family and friends in a so alfresco way of life.

Rolexx is our CPO.

Rolexx, as our Chief Puppy Officer became an essential piece of our organization and with the incorporation of our highly valued CPO, Rolexx, So Alfresco is now an officially dog-friendly environment. Rolexx makes a positive impact and when we have a stressful day he is just smiling and wagging tails that remind us that we’re not doing brain surgery and everything is going to be OK. Rolexx lifts spirits and he remind us to go for a walk – err, bathroom break – and get outside to get some air or do some frisbeeing with him. Rolexx is the ultimate networker by far. Whether it’s a current or prospective client, our coworkers, Rolexx just has to say hello and always brings people together. Rolexx  deals with people, our mission and values, Our CPO has a lot of responsibilities and makes a big impact on our company culture.

And then there is MerelAdriana, our youngest trainee. Passionate about dancing, music and design she is finding her way as a 21 year old girl in the dutch club scene. She has a natural talent for design and beauty. Never underestimate her and don’t be surprised she will end up as a top notch designer.

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